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Check Engine Light Diagnosis At Fulton Automotive In Sumter
Apr 29th, 2019

Many Sumter drivers have had their Check Engine light come on. It’s an amber colored light that shows on your dashboard. In newer vehicles, it might just be a problem with your gas cap not being screwed on tight enough (or a worn gas cap), causing the vehicle to fail the self-diagnostic evaporative emission test. All you need to do is go to your gas cap and verify that it is tight. If that was the problem, the light will turn off and everything   Read More…

Simple Answers from Fulton Automotive: Alignment
Dec 14th, 2018

How do I know when I need a wheel alignment?
Fulton Automotive Answer:
When Sumter drivers’ wheels are properly aligned they all point in the same direction. When they are out of alignment, most SC drivers notice a couple of things. First the vehicle pulls to one side when driving. It could be slight or pretty severe. If your wheels have been out of alignment for a while, you’ll also start to see uneven tire wear – the shoulder on either the outside or inside of the tire is   Read More…

Safe Driving in SC: Eliminating Food Distractions
Nov 24th, 2018
Hello Sumter! So what’s the most distracting food in the car? Is it:

(A) A Hamburger
(B) Coffee
(C) A Soft Drink
(D) Twizzlers
Well, all but the licorice make the top ten, but coffee’s the number one food distraction. These distractions cause 25% of all car crashes, over a million and a half each year.

All the top ten distracting food items are messy. Sumter motorists might spill, then try to clean up. If you’ve got to eat on the run, take five, then drive. And keep drinks in spill-proof containers.   Read More…

When travelling with your dog in the car, as pet owners their safety is our responsibility.  Car restraints come in many shapes and sizes and there is little regulation in the industry to ensure safety.

Travelling with pets means ensuring their safety as well as ours. In many areas it is a legal requirement to have your pet safely restrained while travelling, but the definition of restrained can be fairly flexible. The important part is to ensure that your pet can’t interfere with your ability to drive (so perhaps having them   Read More…

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